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Pocket Powerbox Advance GEN2

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The Pocket Powerbox Advance is a welcome addition to the Powerbox product series. It proudly stands between Pocket and Ultimate Powerbox and it has been designed to provide more advanced features than Pocket Powerbox in a more compact / quality design.

Feature List of Pocket Powerbox Advance:

  • 4 x 12V DC Power outlets for your equipment (ON/OFF via software)
  • 12 Amps of total distributed current
  • Adjustable Output (3, 5, 8, 9, 12Volt) / 3Amps (Can be switched ON/OFF) Power your DSLR / Mirrorless camera
  • 1 x Power USB Port (up to 3Amps) – Suitable for Raspberry PI 3/4 power
  • Port (RJ12) for external accessories (E.g External Focus Controller)
  • 2 Channels PWM Dew Heaters – RCA Outputs (Tune levels via software)
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor (included)
  • Auto Tune Dew Heater Channels
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • USB / PC Controlled or Standalone Operation out of the box
  • Lightweight and extremely compact aluminium enclosure

4 x 12V DC Power outlets for your equipment
A powerful mosfet transistor provides “electric juice” to your precious equipment. Can switch on/off for all ports. Controller has been designed to support up to 12 Amps of total current.

Adjustable Regulated Output
An adjustable output is suitable to provide power to your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. You can tune the voltage to different levels (3,5,8,9,12 Volts). Different battery couplers for Canon, Nikon, Sony, FUJI Cameras are available as accessories.

Built in Voltmeter and Ampmeters
A precise voltmeter measures and displays in real time your input voltage. If the input is more than 14V, the power is instantly cut off to protect your equipment. An Amp-meter placed on the input reports the total current consumed. Moreover there are three additional amp-meters. One for the 12V outputs and two for the Dew Heater Channels. Now you can monitor the detailed power consumption of your equipment.

Standalone Operation
Pocket Powerbox Advance can work “out of the box” as a standalone device. Just plug the cables and you are ready to go. So, If you don’t like to connect a PC every time, you don’t have to. Simple as that!

Two channel duty cycle PWM outputs
Two Pulse width modulation (PWM) outlets are capable to provide power to your “thirsty” Dew Heaters. No more moisture fuzzing your equipment and destroying your clear nights. These outlets can be remote controlled from your laptop using the supplied software. The Controller can auto adjust the heater power levels by consulting the environmental sensor Dew Point reading. Just click “Auto” and leave it to the Pocket Powerbox to decide if it is time to turn on and precise tune the level of your dew heaters.

External Environmental Sensor
External temperature & relative humidity sensor is included in the package. Know exactly the environment conditions of your location. Temperature, humidity and dew point measurements are displayed in the software.

Compact Aluminium Enclosure
A high quality robust, blue anodised aluminium enclosure houses the electronics of the Pocket Powerbox Advance. Size is 100mm x 71mm x 24mm. Weights 250 grams.

ASCOM 6 and INDI Fully supported
Pocket Powerbox Advance fully supports ASCOM6. In combination with the main program which acts as a server you can use the latest ASCOM 6.4 supplied drivers to ass environmental settings to supported software (e.g Sequence Generator Pro / MaximDL ) (ASCOM ObservingConditions) and to switch ON or OFF all 12V outputs. (ASCOM Switches).
Pocket powerbox fully supports INDI, Bundle it with Stellarmate or any other device that can use INDILib.

Led Indications for power and failure states
Led can blink in patterns to warn you regarding important power issues (e.g over or under voltage). Moreover light can be turned off using the software. The led is very dim but in case you don’t like it on you can switch it off via the software.

Power Cables are included in the package
Four power cable of DC 2.1mm to 2.1mm male (1m) are included in the package. Additional power cables with plugs for the Skywatcher EQ6-R, AZ-EQ6, AZ-EQ5 and EQ8 can be bought as accessories.

Reverse Polarity Protection
Device has been design with a reverse voltage polarity protection. It will definitely save your night if you accidentally connect the main power supply in reverse polarity!

A hardware watchdog resets the device if for any reason there is no response from the controller for two seconds. A neat feature in the unlikely event of a controller freeze – when you have a remote observatory and you need to be certain that everything works as expected.

Upgradable Firmware
Device is firmware upgradable to support future features and bug fixes.

In the box:

  • Pocket Powerbox Advance Controller
  • External Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  • 4 x Power DC 2.1 to 2.1 male cable (1m)
  • USB3 Cable Type B (1.8m)



Uitgang (mm)
2,1 Center Positive
Stroomsterkte (A)


Uitwendige afmetingen LxBxH (cm)
10.0 x 7.1 x 2.4
Power Supply Hub

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PegasusAstro Pocket Powerbox Advance GEN2


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